An ongoing project and research instigated by Michèle Benz and Gaia Magrané at the beginning of 2020

Impromptu is an investigation rooted in and inspired by eastern philosophies carrying the idea of spontaneity, adaptability and readiness, such as Zen and Wu Wei. We are looking for a state of conscious presence, working solely and entirely with the now, imposing neither overly rational thought nor judgement, playing without wanting to attain perfection.

In our work we are primarily interested in how to use whatever surrounds us in this very moment. This can be an object or sound, a small change of light, a suddenly appearing piece of music, a mishap… – Simply interested in how we can align, manipulate, recycle, transform and play with all the unforseen eventualities that come up.

In Impromptu we perform through instant composition and improvisation. We include text, objects, the space as much as our very selves, giving importance to every little component creating the present moment and reality. It is a process of listening, tuning in and embracing our inner child.